Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Shades of Blonde Hair

Whether you want  balayage, highlights, ombre or babylights choosing the right shade of blonde  is everything. Do you go ash, golden or platinum...? My advise is not to focus only on the name of the color, what looks golden to you may not be gold to your stylist, so research, bring pictures and you should feel comfortable after a proper consultation. Below are some of the more popular shades of blonde to give you an idea of the hue. If you have chosen the right salon and the right hair stylist then you are sure to have the proper outcome. Read reviews, ask and schedule a proper consultation. To make an appointment call Muse (813) 258-2558 

Ash Blonde
Slightly Gray tinted with cool undertones. Coolest shade of blonde that can require a little more maintenance than most other blonde shades. 

Golden Blonde
Luxurious and Sun kissed. Multi-tonal hair color with more honey, buttery, golden shades of blonde.

Honey Blonde

 Perfect balance of a rich, light brown, vibrant blonde. Versatile compliments most skin tones

Dirty Blonde 
Not too bright, cool or too warm, in between a blonde and brunette. Perfect for someone who wants to feel a little lighter or someone who wants to go darker without it feeling to extreme.

Platinum Blonde
This coveted  shade of blonde is the lightest of all the blonde shades. This Color is surprisingly flattering to every complexion.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Hair Gloss vs Color

A hair color is a process that permanently changes the pigment of your hair. Even as permanent color fades it does not return the color to its original shade. A gloss is a temporary process that helps enhance the shade of your hair and improves the texture. Because the deposit in the color of glossing does not penetrate the pigment of the hair, it can fade out to the natural shade.

There are different types of permanent color, gels are more translucent and cream are more matte. Permanent colors are necessary for lightening and full grey coverage. Glosses can be semi permanent, pigmented or  direct dyes.  Hair glosses have its limitations and advantages. You can't lighten hair and you can't guarantee a hundred percent gray coverage, but you can enhance color of previously treated hair, you can darken and tone, enhance the shine and condition of hair and of course you can change your mind with a lot more ease and damage.

A professional determines which one is best for you depending on your hair color desired color and desired results. Often a gloss is use to refresh permanent hair color, since the pigment and cuticle has already been altered by the previous process,  selecting a gloss is a better choice to redeposit the pigment and improve the condition.

 Applying permanent color to tone a previously colored hair is not advisable, it will eventually make your hair dull and can cause permanent damage.

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Friday, January 18, 2019

Hair trends predictions

2019 seem to be the year to let yourself be seen. Here are our predictions for 2019

Big Hair 
 We have seen a preview of this trend beginning in the fall of 2018 as  written in an article by W Magazine .   This year big hair will reach its peak as the look for special occasions. Using the proper  products, some teasing (french lacing) and/or, hair pieces any and  everyone can be on trend!

Super Long Hair

Definitely one of the biggest and hottest trends is long luxurious hair!  As we walk down memory lane we remember Cher as an icon for this look (remember the "Sonny and Cher Show") and though not everyone can grow Cher's hair, thanks to hair pieces and hair extensions, everyone can have the look.
Hair Extensions are now better than ever and there is an array of options to try.. An Allure Article tells us how much celebrities put into getting this look.

Very Blunt Hair Cuts 

 Blunt hair cuts at any length are still trending and are here to stay.  Just check out this amazing article from 2017 by Glamour Magazine  which gives great ideas that will continue for 2019.

Accessorize with Hair Statements

This is a new trend and the all major designers including Gucci are jumping in.  This year words don't have to stay inside your head. You can rock  these fashionable cool hair pins that speak volumes with out saying a word. 


Weather fun or sophisticated braids are an easy  way to wear your hair.  We predict that we will see some more of this trend in 2019. Check out Redken and learn how to get this look.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Get your hair summer ready

Your best summer accessory this warm season will be your hair so here are some recommendations. 

Get a Haircut.  If you have any split ends you wont be able to hide it during these humid summer days plus sun exposure will definitely worsen damage or dehydrated hair.

Do warm colors. If you have been thinking about brightening up, summer is the time. Also bold unexpected colors are still a trend this summer so be creative, think gold highlights mixed with rose highlights or a rich brunette with hints of golden bronze.

Hair by muse

Get the right products. A good  hydrating shampoo, a good conditioner and a very good leave in treatment with UV protection are a must for the drying summer time sun.  Muse leave protector has an exclusive formula with sun block that wont weight your hair down .

Accessorized your hair. From hats to scarfs or flowers, have fun with your hair and enjoy this summer.

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Growing out Grey

Going Grey has become more common in the past few years, even for younger women.  From time to time I have seen some women with a beautifully mane of hair untouched by color whose gray hair does not seem to influence their age appearance at all, but this is rare. I personally think hair color is the best invention ever, for not everyone is blessed with the same hair genes. Perhaps it was the trend of young women intentionally dyeing their hair gray that created a new association between grey and youth and  contributed to some women wanting to let their grey out. But let's face it, purposely added grey hair is strategically placed and toned, while in most cases grey hair seems to appear very randomly and carry unwanted tones. In the last couple of years I have had more clients than ever asking for help in growing their grey  hair out. So against my personal feelings regarding this matter I have done so. There is one thing I like less than this trend and that is unkempt hair color. 
There is indeed a right way to grow your grey out it can be costly, it requires professional help and it can take time, but the maintenance is less costly and the result is 100% better when done by a professional colorist.
The process is a form of a color correction. In most cases the first step is a highlight-lowlight
process to blend the old color into the new growing hair. The goal of the highlights is to make them
light and thin enough to create a base where grey hair color can be added in similar patters where the
client's hair would grow. The lowlights should be the same or similar shade as the  natural
pigmented color to diffuse some of the gray and blend or eliminate a line of demarcation.
Sometimes up to 3 or four colors are added to blend what was there before and as the hair
continues to grow the extra colors are eliminated. How much can be achieve in one visit depends
on the starting color and the health of the hair. Some upkeep is required before your color is fully
grown out. 

If the hair is very fine and brittle it makes it more difficult to lighten to the necessary level to achieve gray. In this case several visits are recommended for the lightening process.

when the hair has been colored really dark for year some hair cutting is also recommended. The pigmented hair can be very difficult if not impossible to lighten without breakage 


Even if you achieve the perfect color in one visit you may find that the gray "highlights" get a little brassy or they turn a bit yellow when they start washing out  as it happens with platinum or any cooler blond shade,so you may need to come in for more toners during your transition to avoid this.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

               Hair Products to Inspire your Holiday Hair

With the holidays here, you want your hair looking its best at a moments notice. Whether you want it to look freshly blown out, curled to perfection, straight and smooth or in a fancy up do, you will need the right products on hand. These are the top products to achieve the right look from Inspirations by Muse

Definition Crème. This weightless crème adds texture and volume great for creating soft shapes with a lift also great for adding definition to curls.

Shine Balm. This concentrated gel will gloss, smooth and control hair. It helps to direct hair when blow drying creating a brilliant shine perfect for the holidays.

Styling Gum. This is a must for any style. Our styling gum is lightweight yet it provides great hold that will sustain throughout the day. Excellent for up do's  or to add control and shine to any style.

Shaping Spray. We developed our hair spray as a dry workable spray that provides a buildable hold and tremendous shine. This hair spray will never flake away and it gives you the option of you preferred hold.

Don't for forget to have add the right blow dryer we recommend FHI and Chi Pro which you can find right here at Muse The Salon.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hair color gone too dark

Hair gone too dark? Sometimes it is not possible to get it as light as you would want without compromising the hair.  It is the health and strength of the hair that determines how light you can go.

Box hair color particularly can sometime carry a stronger pigment which is more difficult to dissolve, you should NOT try to do it yourself. Know this, putting a lighter color on top will not fix it, it may make it worse. This has to be done by a professional.

There are a couple of ways to remove hair color, but all of them are  unpredictable, they have to be closely monitor and the plan of action can be a step by step process.

Don't get discourage, as I mentioned, there are options, but the most important step in this process is choosing the right colorist. Research, research, make sure you are given a detailed consultation and be realistic with your expectations. This can be a costly and timely process but there is always hope.

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