Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Styling Tips

Pick the right brush for blow-drying

In this case, one size doesn't fit all! Choose a large round brush to straighten long, coarse or curly hair; a medium-size one to add body and smoothness to medium-to-long hair; or small one to give short hair a volume boost

Use a nozzle - or diffuser - with your blow dryer

These attachments can make the difference between a good blow-dry and a great one! A nozzle directs air-flow to give you a smoother blow-dry and a diffuser allows you to dry curly or wavy hair without causing frizz.
Section hair before your style
Ever wonder why professional hairstyles look so good? One reason is that stylists take time to divide hair into sections first. Use clips to section off your hair, so you can work in a neat, controlled manner - just like your stylist.

Make sure hair's 100% dry

Before you use a flat-iron, curling iron or any other hot tool, make sure hair is thoroughly dried - otherwise, the heat can cause damage. The one exception: wet-to-dry-flat-irons, which are specifically designd to be used on damp hair.

Tuck those ends under

Make sure the very tip of your hair is tucked into your curling-iron before you roll it up. Otherwise, you'll hend up with what stylists all a "fishhook" - a small section that's bent backwards.

Keep your flat-iron moving

Move your flat-iron down each section in smooth passes with medium pressure. Starting and stopping, as a well as pressing too hard, can leave "dents" in your hair.

Place hot rollers the right way

If you want to add volume and wave, lift your section up, place the roller underneath the section and roll down toward your scalp. For waves with minimal volume, leave your sections directed downward, place the rollr on top of the section and roller up.


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