Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hair color gone too dark

Hair gone too dark? Sometimes it is not possible to get it as light as you would want without compromising the hair.  It is the health and strength of the hair that determines how light you can go.

Box hair color particularly can sometime carry a stronger pigment which is more difficult to dissolve, you should NOT try to do it yourself. Know this, putting a lighter color on top will not fix it, it may make it worse. This has to be done by a professional.

There are a couple of ways to remove hair color, but all of them are  unpredictable, they have to be closely monitor and the plan of action can be a step by step process.

Don't get discourage, as I mentioned, there are options, but the most important step in this process is choosing the right colorist. Research, research, make sure you are given a detailed consultation and be realistic with your expectations. This can be a costly and timely process but there is always hope.

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