Thursday, February 1, 2018

Growing out Grey

Going Grey has become more common in the past few years, even for younger women.  From time to time I have seen some women with a beautifully mane of hair untouched by color whose gray hair does not seem to influence their age appearance at all, but this is rare. I personally think hair color is the best invention ever, for not everyone is blessed with the same hair genes. Perhaps it was the trend of young women intentionally dyeing their hair gray that created a new association between grey and youth and  contributed to some women wanting to let their grey out. But let's face it, purposely added grey hair is strategically placed and toned, while in most cases grey hair seems to appear very randomly and carry unwanted tones. In the last couple of years I have had more clients than ever asking for help in growing their grey  hair out. So against my personal feelings regarding this matter I have done so. There is one thing I like less than this trend and that is unkempt hair color. 
There is indeed a right way to grow your grey out it can be costly, it requires professional help and it can take time, but the maintenance is less costly and the result is 100% better when done by a professional colorist.
The process is a form of a color correction. In most cases the first step is a highlight-lowlight
process to blend the old color into the new growing hair. The goal of the highlights is to make them
light and thin enough to create a base where grey hair color can be added in similar patters where the
client's hair would grow. The lowlights should be the same or similar shade as the  natural
pigmented color to diffuse some of the gray and blend or eliminate a line of demarcation.
Sometimes up to 3 or four colors are added to blend what was there before and as the hair
continues to grow the extra colors are eliminated. How much can be achieve in one visit depends
on the starting color and the health of the hair. Some upkeep is required before your color is fully
grown out. 

If the hair is very fine and brittle it makes it more difficult to lighten to the necessary level to achieve gray. In this case several visits are recommended for the lightening process.

when the hair has been colored really dark for year some hair cutting is also recommended. The pigmented hair can be very difficult if not impossible to lighten without breakage 


Even if you achieve the perfect color in one visit you may find that the gray "highlights" get a little brassy or they turn a bit yellow when they start washing out  as it happens with platinum or any cooler blond shade,so you may need to come in for more toners during your transition to avoid this.

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