Saturday, September 5, 2009

Keratin Complex

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The keratin treatment has taken the beauty industry by storm, providing clients a way to turn their unruly hair into smooth, easy to manage hair, this treatment is a revolutionary alternative that works as a smoothing system that infuses keratin deep into the hair cuticle eliminating up to ninety-five percent of the frizz and curl from the hair, leaving the hair soft, shiny and luxurious. The results can last up to four months. This treatment can be use on colored, relaxed, or virgin hair. But, before you go Keratin, here are some things you need to know.

The in salon procedure can run from two to four hours depending on the length of your hair, but the low at home maintenance and the beautiful results makes worth your time.

Our stylist are certified in the keratin method and we only use protein base keratin. This natural substance gives hair the ability to return to its original healthy, shiny, smooth state.
Unlike other products available in the market, such as relaxers or the Japanese thermal reconditioning, the Keratin Treatment straightens the hair without damaging or changing its texture. The treatment can be use in all hair types, including chemically treated hair.

Othe important things you should know before going Keratin

It’s important to do your homework before undergoing any process that will change your hair dramatically.

  • Always ask for a consultations and be sure that all of your questions are answer favorably.

  • Any License stylist is allowed to perform this treatment, so many do not find it necessary to become certified. Ask the stylist performing your treatment if she or he is certified. This will at least assure you certain level of knowledge of the use of the treatment and the product being use. Your stylist should also educate you in the care of your hair to preserve your treatment.

  • Finally, use your common sense, follow your instinct, do your homework and do not settle for anything that may compromised your health.

    Frezzy HairTipsKeep your hair well conditioned with a rich moisturising product. Choose the right products for your hair type. The hairstyle is also important. If your hair is very frizzy you don't want too many layers. Have a few longish ones that will allow your hair to flow. Always use a diffuser when blowdrying which will help control the frizz but will not remove all the body.

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