Monday, June 29, 2020

Saying goodbye to the first half of 2020 with self-love

July 1st (the 182nd Day of the Year) marks the second half of the year. Normally a great time to evaluate our goals and accomplishments so far. This year however the fact we have survived is good enough.

We could nevertheless look forward to the second half. Many people could be wondering how to do this? I would suggest a little self love.  A new haircut , hair color or style is an act of self-improvement and self-love. With so many things that 2020 has thrown our way , a new hairdo might be just what the doctor ordered to enter the second half of this year and put our best face forward.
Hair changes everything.

During the month of July if you have lost your job we will be offering free haircuts. Also restaurants and bars' staff are eligible to receive a free haircut this month.  We want to be a source of support and inspiration to the community that has carried us through. If you are interested email us at with your name, phone number, occupation and a photo.

We are following regulations for everyone that comes to our salon and maintain the safety for all. Please read here.

Monica Ponce

With all the confusion of this year, oh yeah we have been very confused here too,  one thing that help us is knowing that we can do do something good for someone else. Our clients have always inspired us. Also we look for good things that are happening among the chaos.
Here are some things happening around the world we would like to share:

I would encourage everyone as they say goodbye to the first half of 2020 to find something to be grateful for. We live in a astonishingly blessed country sometimes all we need is another point of reference to broaden our view. Remember that we see situations half as they are and half as we are.Whatever your beliefs are, I think 2020 is showing us that we all matter equally. Don't be so mad about a situation that you become ungrateful of the blessings. Be conscious of the energy you are sharing with the world,. You can't ask for peace if you are giving caos or irritation.

Muse The Salon

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

We are open for business

We are excited to be servicing you again. As we reunite we are aware of the responsibility we have to protect each other in hopes of soon having this experience be a thought of the past, where we have grown more aware and appreciative. Your health and our own are still our priority during this transitional time. Here are the steps we are taking to ensure your safety during your salon visit. We kindly ask for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you soon.

• Those experiencing symptoms cannot come to work or get a service done.
• Sanitation station will be at entrance of the salon and on each station. Please use them.
• We will conduct daily temperature checks of staff to ensure we are not symptomatic.
• Facial masks available for employees and clients.
•We ask clients to keep phones in their bags, if possible.
• Each station will be labeled, sanitized and prepared for each client. We ask client to stay in their assigned seat.
• No hugs :(
• No guests inside the salon except for the client getting a service.
• We will be suspending or altering beverage and food amenities.
We will conduct frequent cleaning of common areas throughout the day (bathroom, doorknobs, payment processor, etc.)
All of us at Muse The salon have become certified with Barbicide, the worldwide leading company as the ultimate product for EPA registered disinfection.
It's also important for clients to know that the extra steps we are taking are in addition to a strict guideline that we already follow. As licensed cosmetologists, we are required to maintain a protocol and to take yearly continuing education and exams on maintaining the health of the salon.
Muse The Salon
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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Quarantine Color Retouch

Dear Clients,
I hope you are safe and well and in communications with friends and family. I received several calls about regrowth and hair color during quarantine. So I'm reaching out to you with some thoughts and ideas.
My first advice of course would be for you to wait, if we are lucky and responsible we should be able to see each other in 3 more weeks. Yes that is a lot when your regrowth is already showing, but think of the benefits no other time will you have the opportunity to hide from the world and give your hair a rest. (at least I hope) When you come back with enough regrowth it gives us a chance to try something new that you may have wanted to do. So take this time to do a lot of hair mask to hydrate  and prepare your hair for a new look.  We are not going anywhere now like Isaac Mizrahi said in his Instagram, wear turban or scarf or hat, get creative.
Whatever you do,  don't experiment with boxed color. Results are unpredictable, once size does not fit all. If you choose a dark shade the type of pigment used by boxed colors  makes it the most difficult to remove and if you lighten your hair with boxed color is the most damaging and risky thing for your hair. 
Don't spend $10 on a boxed color that will cost you $300 to correct. I do a lot of corrections and many of my clients (you know who you are) found me needing of a hair color correction because of a coloring gone bad.
For those of you who do not want to wait.
First I want you to know the big responsibility I feel not being able to be there for you. As much as we want to make light of this situation, the fact is, it sucks. and in times like this taking care of your appearance is not a trivial thing. We are dealing with enough that on top of that to look at our undone nails, our unkempt brows and our regrowth staring at us in mirror does not feel good.
I am putting a color package together for at home color retouch. It will include the two part color mix of your personal formula regrowth with a mixing bowl and a brush. Unfortunate this can only be available for retouches not bleach related or two step color.
For my clients with highlights you can wait a bit longer than retouches can,  but if you would like a toner I can too make this available.
Retouch kits will be $65, you can pay over the phone and on the day agreed. I can leave the kit at the salon door as you arrive if you want to be extra careful.

Also if you are in need of some hair products you can pick them up that day. And of course you can reach me any time for questions. Call me or text me at (813) 451-3796 if you are interested.

Whatever you do, don't cut your hair! no tips on that. Be safe and I hope to see you soon.

Monica Ponce

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Shades of Blonde Hair

Whether you want  balayage, highlights, ombre or babylights choosing the right shade of blonde  is everything. Do you go ash, golden or platinum...? My advise is not to focus only on the name of the color, what looks golden to you may not be gold to your stylist, so research, bring pictures and you should feel comfortable after a proper consultation. Below are some of the more popular shades of blonde to give you an idea of the hue. If you have chosen the right salon and the right hair stylist then you are sure to have the proper outcome. Read reviews, ask and schedule a proper consultation. To make an appointment call Muse (813) 258-2558 

Ash Blonde
Slightly Gray tinted with cool undertones. Coolest shade of blonde that can require a little more maintenance than most other blonde shades. 

Golden Blonde
Luxurious and Sun kissed. Multi-tonal hair color with more honey, buttery, golden shades of blonde.

Honey Blonde

 Perfect balance of a rich, light brown, vibrant blonde. Versatile compliments most skin tones

Dirty Blonde 
Not too bright, cool or too warm, in between a blonde and brunette. Perfect for someone who wants to feel a little lighter or someone who wants to go darker without it feeling to extreme.

Platinum Blonde
This coveted  shade of blonde is the lightest of all the blonde shades. This Color is surprisingly flattering to every complexion.
Tampa, Fl

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Hair Gloss vs Color

A hair color is a process that permanently changes the pigment of your hair. Even as permanent color fades it does not return the color to its original shade. A gloss is a temporary process that helps enhance the shade of your hair and improves the texture. Because the deposit in the color of glossing does not penetrate the pigment of the hair, it can fade out to the natural shade.

There are different types of permanent color, gels are more translucent and cream are more matte. Permanent colors are necessary for lightening and full grey coverage. Glosses can be semi permanent, pigmented or  direct dyes.  Hair glosses have its limitations and advantages. You can't lighten hair and you can't guarantee a hundred percent gray coverage, but you can enhance color of previously treated hair, you can darken and tone, enhance the shine and condition of hair and of course you can change your mind with a lot more ease and damage.

A professional determines which one is best for you depending on your hair color desired color and desired results. Often a gloss is use to refresh permanent hair color, since the pigment and cuticle has already been altered by the previous process,  selecting a gloss is a better choice to redeposit the pigment and improve the condition.

 Applying permanent color to tone a previously colored hair is not advisable, it will eventually make your hair dull and can cause permanent damage.

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Friday, January 18, 2019

Hair trends predictions

2019 seem to be the year to let yourself be seen. Here are our predictions for 2019

Big Hair 
 We have seen a preview of this trend beginning in the fall of 2018 as  written in an article by W Magazine .   This year big hair will reach its peak as the look for special occasions. Using the proper  products, some teasing (french lacing) and/or, hair pieces any and  everyone can be on trend!

Super Long Hair

Definitely one of the biggest and hottest trends is long luxurious hair!  As we walk down memory lane we remember Cher as an icon for this look (remember the "Sonny and Cher Show") and though not everyone can grow Cher's hair, thanks to hair pieces and hair extensions, everyone can have the look.
Hair Extensions are now better than ever and there is an array of options to try.. An Allure Article tells us how much celebrities put into getting this look.

Very Blunt Hair Cuts 

 Blunt hair cuts at any length are still trending and are here to stay.  Just check out this amazing article from 2017 by Glamour Magazine  which gives great ideas that will continue for 2019.

Accessorize with Hair Statements

This is a new trend and the all major designers including Gucci are jumping in.  This year words don't have to stay inside your head. You can rock  these fashionable cool hair pins that speak volumes with out saying a word. 


Weather fun or sophisticated braids are an easy  way to wear your hair.  We predict that we will see some more of this trend in 2019. Check out Redken and learn how to get this look.

Muse The Salon
Monica P.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Get your hair summer ready

Your best summer accessory this warm season will be your hair so here are some recommendations. 

Get a Haircut.  If you have any split ends you wont be able to hide it during these humid summer days plus sun exposure will definitely worsen damage or dehydrated hair.

Do warm colors. If you have been thinking about brightening up, summer is the time. Also bold unexpected colors are still a trend this summer so be creative, think gold highlights mixed with rose highlights or a rich brunette with hints of golden bronze.

Hair by muse

Get the right products. A good  hydrating shampoo, a good conditioner and a very good leave in treatment with UV protection are a must for the drying summer time sun.  Muse leave protector has an exclusive formula with sun block that wont weight your hair down .

Accessorized your hair. From hats to scarfs or flowers, have fun with your hair and enjoy this summer.

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To see some of our client's hair Follow us on Instagram  @hairbymuse

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