Monday, June 29, 2020

Saying goodbye to the first half of 2020 with self-love

July 1st (the 182nd Day of the Year) marks the second half of the year. Normally a great time to evaluate our goals and accomplishments so far. This year however the fact we have survived is good enough.

We could nevertheless look forward to the second half. Many people could be wondering how to do this? I would suggest a little self love.  A new haircut , hair color or style is an act of self-improvement and self-love. With so many things that 2020 has thrown our way , a new hairdo might be just what the doctor ordered to enter the second half of this year and put our best face forward.
Hair changes everything.

During the month of July if you have lost your job we will be offering free haircuts. Also restaurants and bars' staff are eligible to receive a free haircut this month.  We want to be a source of support and inspiration to the community that has carried us through. If you are interested email us at with your name, phone number, occupation and a photo.

We are following regulations for everyone that comes to our salon and maintain the safety for all. Please read here.

Monica Ponce

With all the confusion of this year, oh yeah we have been very confused here too,  one thing that help us is knowing that we can do do something good for someone else. Our clients have always inspired us. Also we look for good things that are happening among the chaos.
Here are some things happening around the world we would like to share:

I would encourage everyone as they say goodbye to the first half of 2020 to find something to be grateful for. We live in a astonishingly blessed country sometimes all we need is another point of reference to broaden our view. Remember that we see situations half as they are and half as we are.Whatever your beliefs are, I think 2020 is showing us that we all matter equally. Don't be so mad about a situation that you become ungrateful of the blessings. Be conscious of the energy you are sharing with the world,. You can't ask for peace if you are giving caos or irritation.

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