Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tips for selecting and styling men's hair

When selecting a hair product it  is important to think of what is it that you want the outcome to be. Are you looking for texture, hold, shine or a combination? Then, think of the strength you would like the product to have, how much hold, texture or shine do you want or need? Ideally your professional stylist will be able to guide you, educate you and give you suggestions on what best works for you, but if you still haven't found such stylist here are some tips to help you.

There are many options for styling your hair but I will focus on the two that I consider the best options for men, gels and creams. The propose of gel is to keep hair in place. The stronger the gel the stronger the hold, but very strong gel can cause flakiness, lighter gel is more manageable and allows some movement. Hair creams are extremely versatile and it can be use for hold, shine and texture. They have different finish, and they includes waxes and pomades and others.

To apply gel:

Step 1. Place a dollop of  gel in the palm of your hand.
Step 2. Emulsify product in the palms of your hands. 
Step 3. Apply product from roots to ends evenly, on damp hair.
Step 4. Work fingers in hair to get the shape, separation the product will give shine and hold
We recommend our own Muse Shaping Gel, which provides adjustable hold resilience and shine

To apply creams:

Step 1. with one finger scoop no more than a coin size amount.
Step 2. Place it on the palm of your hand and emulsify until is evenly spread into both hands.
Step 3. Apply gently with your fingers to the middle and outer portions of your hair in an upward motion towards the tips. Do not over-apply or apply to the roots.
Step 4.  Twist hair into bundles on the sides of your head focusing on the tips. Repeat along the neckline and near the front of your face. If hair becomes flat, repeat this action and use a scrunching motion.
We recommend our own Muse Styling Gum, which adds shine and control that will sustain styling throughout the day.

Monica Ponce
Muse The Salon
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