Friday, January 18, 2019

Hair trends predictions

2019 seem to be the year to let yourself be seen. Here are our predictions for 2019

Big Hair 
 We have seen a preview of this trend beginning in the fall of 2018 as  written in an article by W Magazine .   This year big hair will reach its peak as the look for special occasions. Using the proper  products, some teasing (french lacing) and/or, hair pieces any and  everyone can be on trend!

Super Long Hair

Definitely one of the biggest and hottest trends is long luxurious hair!  As we walk down memory lane we remember Cher as an icon for this look (remember the "Sonny and Cher Show") and though not everyone can grow Cher's hair, thanks to hair pieces and hair extensions, everyone can have the look.
Hair Extensions are now better than ever and there is an array of options to try.. An Allure Article tells us how much celebrities put into getting this look.

Very Blunt Hair Cuts 

 Blunt hair cuts at any length are still trending and are here to stay.  Just check out this amazing article from 2017 by Glamour Magazine  which gives great ideas that will continue for 2019.

Accessorize with Hair Statements

This is a new trend and the all major designers including Gucci are jumping in.  This year words don't have to stay inside your head. You can rock  these fashionable cool hair pins that speak volumes with out saying a word. 


Weather fun or sophisticated braids are an easy  way to wear your hair.  We predict that we will see some more of this trend in 2019. Check out Redken and learn how to get this look.

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