Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Hair Gloss vs Color

A hair color is a process that permanently changes the pigment of your hair. Even as permanent color fades it does not return the color to its original shade. A gloss is a temporary process that helps enhance the shade of your hair and improves the texture. Because the deposit in the color of glossing does not penetrate the pigment of the hair, it can fade out to the natural shade.

There are different types of permanent color, gels are more translucent and cream are more matte. Permanent colors are necessary for lightening and full grey coverage. Glosses can be semi permanent, pigmented or  direct dyes.  Hair glosses have its limitations and advantages. You can't lighten hair and you can't guarantee a hundred percent gray coverage, but you can enhance color of previously treated hair, you can darken and tone, enhance the shine and condition of hair and of course you can change your mind with a lot more ease and damage.

A professional determines which one is best for you depending on your hair color desired color and desired results. Often a gloss is use to refresh permanent hair color, since the pigment and cuticle has already been altered by the previous process,  selecting a gloss is a better choice to redeposit the pigment and improve the condition.

 Applying permanent color to tone a previously colored hair is not advisable, it will eventually make your hair dull and can cause permanent damage.

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