Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Quarantine Color Retouch

Dear Clients,
I hope you are safe and well and in communications with friends and family. I received several calls about regrowth and hair color during quarantine. So I'm reaching out to you with some thoughts and ideas.
My first advice of course would be for you to wait, if we are lucky and responsible we should be able to see each other in 3 more weeks. Yes that is a lot when your regrowth is already showing, but think of the benefits no other time will you have the opportunity to hide from the world and give your hair a rest. (at least I hope) When you come back with enough regrowth it gives us a chance to try something new that you may have wanted to do. So take this time to do a lot of hair mask to hydrate  and prepare your hair for a new look.  We are not going anywhere now like Isaac Mizrahi said in his Instagram, wear turban or scarf or hat, get creative.
Whatever you do,  don't experiment with boxed color. Results are unpredictable, once size does not fit all. If you choose a dark shade the type of pigment used by boxed colors  makes it the most difficult to remove and if you lighten your hair with boxed color is the most damaging and risky thing for your hair. 
Don't spend $10 on a boxed color that will cost you $300 to correct. I do a lot of corrections and many of my clients (you know who you are) found me needing of a hair color correction because of a coloring gone bad.
For those of you who do not want to wait.
First I want you to know the big responsibility I feel not being able to be there for you. As much as we want to make light of this situation, the fact is, it sucks. and in times like this taking care of your appearance is not a trivial thing. We are dealing with enough that on top of that to look at our undone nails, our unkempt brows and our regrowth staring at us in mirror does not feel good.
I am putting a color package together for at home color retouch. It will include the two part color mix of your personal formula regrowth with a mixing bowl and a brush. Unfortunate this can only be available for retouches not bleach related or two step color.
For my clients with highlights you can wait a bit longer than retouches can,  but if you would like a toner I can too make this available.
Retouch kits will be $65, you can pay over the phone and on the day agreed. I can leave the kit at the salon door as you arrive if you want to be extra careful.

Also if you are in need of some hair products you can pick them up that day. And of course you can reach me any time for questions. Call me or text me at (813) 451-3796 if you are interested.

Whatever you do, don't cut your hair! no tips on that. Be safe and I hope to see you soon.

Monica Ponce

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