Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Shades of Blonde Hair

Whether you want  balayage, highlights, ombre or babylights choosing the right shade of blonde  is everything. Do you go ash, golden or platinum...? My advise is not to focus only on the name of the color, what looks golden to you may not be gold to your stylist, so research, bring pictures and you should feel comfortable after a proper consultation. Below are some of the more popular shades of blonde to give you an idea of the hue. If you have chosen the right salon and the right hair stylist then you are sure to have the proper outcome. Read reviews, ask and schedule a proper consultation. To make an appointment call Muse (813) 258-2558 

Ash Blonde
Slightly Gray tinted with cool undertones. Coolest shade of blonde that can require a little more maintenance than most other blonde shades. 

Golden Blonde
Luxurious and Sun kissed. Multi-tonal hair color with more honey, buttery, golden shades of blonde.

Honey Blonde

 Perfect balance of a rich, light brown, vibrant blonde. Versatile compliments most skin tones

Dirty Blonde 
Not too bright, cool or too warm, in between a blonde and brunette. Perfect for someone who wants to feel a little lighter or someone who wants to go darker without it feeling to extreme.

Platinum Blonde
This coveted  shade of blonde is the lightest of all the blonde shades. This Color is surprisingly flattering to every complexion.

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